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Have you been learning a foreign language for a long time, but not feeling free enough to use it in communication? Now you have an opportunity to practice, resolve all your doubts and make 100 mistakes if it’s necessary. At the same time, you will make a lot of improvement and gain confidence.

kurs konverzacije engleski spanski italijanski

We offer conversation courses for the following languages: Serbian, English, Spanish and Italian. The duration of the course is two months (8 weeks) during which you will have two 60 minute lessons per week (16 lessons in total). Our conversation course follows certain standards, but can also be adapted to students needs. During the course we concentrate on vocabulary and grammar structures through a variety of games and situations which can help you memorise better, think in a foreign language and relax. We try to make you forget the fact that you have to communicate in another language and concentrate on a game or resolving a problem. That’s why the activities in which you engage during lessons are interesting and demand a lot participation from students.

The thing that is special about this offer is that, if you bring a friend who also wants to take up a course, you will get 10% discount each for any conversation course you choose. The offer stands until April 30th. Course price without discount is 40 EUR (the payments are made in RSD) per month (in total 80 EUR for the whole course).

We are waiting for you in the centre of Belgrade, in 25 Kneza Miloša Street.

How should I apply?

There are three ways to apply:

  1. By filling in our PRIJAVA – application form (you can also find it in the main menu on our website).
  2. By contacting us on (+381)11-264-1542 or (+381)63-240-173 (through the last number you can also find us on Whatsapp/Viber)
  3. Or by sending us an email to info@rayuelacentar.com

Also, if you need more information, feel free to contact us anytime.

Let’s learn together!

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