Conversation Course

Conversation Course
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Starting: March 19th

Ending: June 13th

Schedule: Tuesdays 19-20h, Thursdays 18-19h

Level: A2-B1

During our Serbian conversation course you will engage in different communicative activities.  For this course it is necessary that you possess an active A2 level of Serbian and loads of motivation for practicing (no worries, we’re here to help you with that).

The course lasts for 3 months during which you will have two lessons per week (2×60 minutes) in groups from 3 to 6 persons. For conversation courses it is essential to have small groups in order to work more efficiently.

On our conversation courses we engage in activities that help us learn and practice grammar and vocabulary through a variety of formal and informal situations. Students work in groups, pairs or individually and participate in interesting activities such as games, role plays, debates etc.

Conversation courses are also available for levels higher than B1 (CEFR*). So if you are already an independent or advanced user, but want to improve your speaking skills, do not hesitate to contact us.

We highly recommend conversation courses to all students who want to “refresh” their knowledge and improve their communication skills. Also, for all of you who understand Serbian, but feel rather blocked when trying to speak it, we are here to help you become fluent and learn how to think in Serbian.

*CEFR = The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages


  • level A2-B1
  • 2×60 min lessons per week
  • 24 lessons in total
  • payment in two installments
  • 5% discount for advance payments
  • evening lessons
  • 3 month course
  • maximum of 6 students per class
  • access to our library Rayuelateka
  • all materials are included in course price


Advance paymentPayment in two instalments
14240 RSD14990 RSD (7495 + 7495)

Our Conversation course will definitely help you improve your spoken Serbian language and get the most out of your daily experiences in Serbia.

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