Extended (General Course+Conversation)

Extended (General Course+Conversation)
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Starting: September 2019

Level: all levels

General Serbian Courses are aimed at grammar and vocabulary necessary for everyday communication. We try to make a positive environment for our Serbian lessons, an environment in which student will be encouraged to take an active role. During the course you will work on developing the four language skills:

reading, listening, writing and speaking, reading, listening, writing and speaking; as well as on the acquirement of general grammatical and lexical knowledge.

The goal of our lessons is to make you capable of communicating in Serbian with people you meet on a daily basis. During the lessons we test your understanding of already learnt language units by engaging in activities which motivate you to apply your knowledge.

If you apply for Extended programme of our General Serbian Courses, you will study Serbian 3 hours per week in our school. One of the 3 hours we dedicate only for practicing conversation and engaging in speaking activities. During that lessons what we try to do is to make you immerse yourself in Serbian language. We communicate in Serbian about ongoing topics and engage in activities which encourage you to use acquired knowledge in a proper context.


  • 3×60 min lessons per week
  • 60 minutes per week only for conversation  – during our Serbian Language Courses you can work on your conversation skills one hour per week with a native speaker
  • payment in two installments
  • discounts
  • morning, daytime and evening lessons
  • placement test at the beginning* and end of course
  • 3 month course
  • maximum of 8 students per class
  • all levels
  • course materials (course and exercise book) are provided by the student
  • access to our library Rayuelateka
*The test is compulsory if you want to take a course above A1 level. The fee for conducting the placement test is 500 RSD. When enrolling a course this amount will be deducted from the course price in case of enrolling within 90 days of conducting the placement test.  
Advance paymentPaying in two instalments
17090 RSD17990 RSD (8995 + 8995)

Our Extended programme will definitely help you improve your communication skills in Serbian language and get the most out of your daily experiences in Serbia.

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