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Test traje 20 minuta i sadrži 60 pitanja gde treba da odaberete tačnu opciju. Ukoliko neko pitanje sadrži dodatne instrukcije, pažljivo ih pročitajte. Srećno!


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1. I ________________ from Spain.
2. This is my friend. _____________ name is Monica.
3. She ___________________ a lot of her free time on the computer.
4. Peter is ______________.
5. My mother is ______________ lawyer.

 I ______ him at work yesterday.

7. Jennifer ________________ action films.
8. Sorry, I can’t talk. I _____________ right now.
9. You have to be really ______. Your dad’s on the phone.
10. __________________ a cup of tea? No, thank you.
11. --My house is ___________________ than yours.
12. It’s cold so you should put __________________ a warm jacket.

What time do you go ____ bed?

14. There were too many people. It was so ___________________.
15. There aren’t ________________ buses late in the evening.
16. The car park is _________________ to the restaurant.
17. Sorry I’m late. It was _________ than I thought.
18. I _________________ lunch when the doorbell rang.
19. ________________ driven a sports car before?
20. Mark will look ______________ our pets while we’re on holiday.
21. --We’ve been friends ____________________ many years.
22. What __________ their new house like?
23. You _________________ pay for the membership. It's free.
24. I ________________ all my summers with my grandparents, but now I don't see them that often.
25. You can go out with your friends if you ________________ your homework.
26. Michael is travelling right now, so he ________________ come to your birthday.
27. I promise I ________________ my diet on Monday!
28. Find the odd one out: tinned - fried - grilled - baked.
29. How about ________________ a movie for the weekend?
30. Jake’s thinking ________ applying for a job with Microsoft.
31. --Find the odd one out: retire - get sacked - apply for - resign.
32. I wasn't very keen on the lesson. - ________________.
33. I usually work in Paris, but ________________ in Munich for the last 3 weeks.
34. How do you call a person who is not sure how to react to something because their emotions are so strong?
35. She ________________ for her dog for two days when she finally found it in the garage.
36. A blizzard is
37. If I hadn’t agreed with your decision, I___________________ here with you now.
38. Do you think you ___________________ with my mobile phone soon? I need to make a call.
39. I don’t remember __________________ going for dinner together tonight.
40. Our neighbors were so ___________________ they refused to evacuate their house even during the hurricane.
41. --The audience loved it all and the band came back twice to give ________.
42. You may not like the cold weather here, but you’ll have to ________________, I’m afraid.
43. You should cut your ___________________ regularly otherwise your hair will get in your eyes.
44. The furniture was so cheap. It was a real ___________________.

I’d hazard a _______ that Luke’s not going to make it tonight in this bad weather.

46. Doug knew that this decision could change his life immeasurably so he made time _______  the pros and cons before making his mind up

______ French at university and lived in Paris for ten years, Fi felt she was fluent in the language.


________ a classic play, the Mousetrap has been performed in London’s West End since the 1950s.

49. Jake  _____________ with the solution for the problem which his team had been working on.
50. She loves socialising; she goes to parties every night. One could say she's outgoing or ____________.
51. --If only I____________ earlier!
52. If I __________ that job, I would buy a new car.
53. Doing exercise takes up time, and many people just never make time for it.
You can exchange the expression in italics with:
54. His parents wish he ____________ sport.
55. I leapt at the chance to get a ticket for the match.
The expression in italics means:
56. I didn't enjoy the holiday at all. I'd rather ______________ at home.
57. _____________, he does not have the determination to win.
58. When he got there he found it was quite near, so in fact he ____________ the car.
59. _______________, we'd never had managed.
60. I'd like to ____________ at running my own business.

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